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The Wings of Hope strives to extend its Mission by making monetary contributions to organizations and individuals within the community. Each contribution is proposed within the Committee and Board of Directors. The decision to donate or contribute is something that we execute in order to provide the appropriate aid for those in need within the community. Each decision to contribute is considered thoroughly and rightfully. Explore some of our historical contributions below.

Have an idea or proposal for a contribution? Feel free to suggest your idea to us. We are welcoming and excited to work with other individuals in the community in making a difference. Click here to join the cause!

Since our inception in 2007 the Wings of Hope Foundation has made a total contribution of $189,157 to various causes.

Educational Contributions

Holy Name School and Parish (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)

A general contribution was made to Holy Name School. The contribution was utilized to help Grammar School students in financial distress. Holy Name School was where Justin attended school as a Child and successfully Graduated 8th Grade. The students at Holy Name possess the same drive and motivation as Justin once did.

Apart from the general contribution to aid students in financial distress, the Wings of Hope Foundation has also made a contribution to the school's general Scholarship Fund. Holy Name is an organization which we consider to be a direct affiliation. We thank Holy Name School and Parish for their continued support and collaboration.

Iona Preparatory School

The Wings of Hope Foundation made a General Contribution to the Iona Preparatory Scholarship fund, providing a perpetual Scholarship for one selected Young Man each year. Justin attended Iona Prep through the years of 2002 - 2006. These high school years were where he fostered some of his best experiences, relationships, and fundamentals. Iona Prep played a crucial role in Justin's life both Scholastically and Athletically.

The contribution to the Scholarship Fund will provide two Young Men, yearly the opportunity to participate in an enriching experience, including World Class Educational and College Preparatory. We thank Iona Preparatory for their continued support and collaboration with our ongoing efforts.


Iona College (2011, 2012, 2014)


Organizational Contributions

Boy Scouts of America (2008, 2010, 2011, 2015)

The Wings of Hope has made a general contribution to Troop 11 of the Boy Scouts of America. Justin gained the highest rank and honor within the organization, Eagle Scout. The Boy Scouts of America is a great organization which encourages positive behavior within young boys and men. A General Contribution was made, aiding the construction for a new Lean-To Building. We thank the Boy Scouts of America in their continued efforts, campaigns, and collaboration.

New Rochelle Little League Baseball (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)

A General Contribution was made to New Rochelle Little League. This Organization provides a positive channel for the community's youth, Baseball. Justin was an exceptional athlete who enjoyed playing various sports throughout his lifetime. We hope to aid New Rochelle Little League in preserving a positive and enriching environment for all players.

Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund (2010)

The Natural Disaster that has struck Haiti has hindered and affected many people. It has spurred a worldwide initiative for hope and aid. We have chosen to make a general donation to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, in efforts to help many in need. Click here to support the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund.

Ronald McDonald House (2010, 2011, 2012)

The Ronald McDonald House is an amazing organization that aids the families of sick children in their time of most need. The Wings of Hope recently made a general contribution to the New York City House in order to aid the organization in purchasing a Grand Prize for their large fund raising event of 2010. We are grateful for their efforts and the positive impact they bring to many struggling families.

Boy and Girls Club of America - New Rochelle (2010)

The Wings of Hope has made a general contribution to the Boys and Girls Club of America (New Rochelle Location).  The Boys and Girls Club of America is a great organization that promotes a positive place for enrichment of children in the area.  We are happy to help this great organization, especially as Justin attended the Boys and Girls club as a child.

Maria Fareri Children's Hospital (2013, 2014, 2015)

The Wings of Hope has made a general contribution to the the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center. Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center sets the new standard for children's hospitals. It is the fulfillment of a vision for a family-centered facility that combines the highest-level care possible in the most supportive and therapeutic environment.



Individual Contributions

Various Contributions made to individuals in need in our community. The Wings of Hope Foundation looks to provide monetary assistance to those experiencing individual hardships. We look to reach out to those experiencing Health Issues, and other such scenarios. The contributions aid in the application for proper financial and medical usage. Our continuous goal is to lend a helping hand, as well as promote the positive values of our foundation through charitable donations.

Jim Fagan (2008)

Faith Lunde (2008)

LittleTrooper AJ Fund (2009)

Jerry & Sheila Giglio (2010)

Paul & Traci Rotante (2010)

The Watts Family (2011)

Jamel Sawyer (2011)

Kristina McRedmond (2012)

Michael Montana (2012)

Christina Palmeri (2012)

Gemini Phillips - Delaware State University (2014, 2015)

Miles Banks (2014)

Pat Quinn (2015)



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