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Making a Difference in an individual's life or organizations resolve is something very enriching and precious. Whether it be monetary assistance, community service, advice, or sacrifice, the act of initiating in Charitable Acts is something that generates an indescribable feeling. We as a foundation, encourage you to make the decision to Join in our cause, or any cause dear to you that will positively influence those around you. Helping others is not only fulfilling, but it is a natural and healthy process.

Justin looked to make a difference by participating in Scholastic, Organizational, and Community-Based programs, which enriched him as an individual, student, and overall, human being. His acts as a social butterfly inspire our foundation's cause. The question is what is a social butterfly? Society is a place where individuals live within their day-to-day lives, initiating in routine acts simultaneously. Each individual's mission is different, all with similar goals of prosperity and accomplishment.

A Social Butterfly is one who utilizes a charismatic attribute and "spreads their wings" as an individual, within their social circle or community. A Butterfly is a symbol of harmony, hope, and beauty. A social butterfly looks to accentuate and extend all of their positive attributes to build relationships and help others. The Wings of Hope Foundation urges you to "spread your wings" and become our society's butterfly. Join our cause today, and help us in our mission to help others!


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