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The Wings of Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization with a goal of preserving the life and inspiration of Justin Samela Miceli. It was started in mid 2007 after the death of Justin Samela Miceli. Justin was an extraordinary individual who touched the lives of many. His memory lives on through countless family members , friends, and local community members alike. We look to positively preserve his life, memory, and the values in which he so dearly cared about. In doing so we strive to provide support to a variety of local organizations and individuals in need.

The Wings of Hope Foundation is compromised of a series of very dedicated individuals, who execute a variety of duties. All initiatives that are carried out by the members of the Foundation look to promote and preserve the Mission Statement to the fullest extent.

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Board of Directors

Alicia Samela - President

Grace Rella - Vice President

Greg Samela - Vice President

William Samela - Vice President

Steven Samela - Treasurer

Nina Crispino - Secretary

Committee Members

Jessica Basso

Alexa Colangelo

Rich Perdew


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