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Justin’s Wings of Hope Foundation Makes an Educational Contribution to Forensic Biology Student

Justin’s Wings of Hope Foundation is proud to make an educational contribution to Gemini Phillips to attend Delaware State University.

A New Rochelle High school student-athlete whose mother battled terminal illness and passed away in 2011 as she was entering her senior year of high school.

Despite the challenges she faced, Gemini excelled in her coursework in high school receiving honors for her academics and an award for overcoming obstacles and leadership, and several NRHS PTSA awards while playing on the girl's track and field team.

Gemini preserved through hardships in high school and got into Delaware State University with a dream to study Forensic Biology with a to address the unanswered questions families have when a family member has a terminal illness, just as she did and to, “provide a touch of healing for families who lost loved ones.”

Justin’s Wings of Hope Foundation board members were inspired by her story, resilience, and mission to make a difference.

We wish Gemini the best of luck on her journey.

Thank you to all of our donors who made this contribution possible.


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