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Justin's Wings of Hope Foundation Contributes to Student-Athlete's Tuition at WCC

Justin’s Wings of Hope Foundation makes a contribution to Miles Banks of Peekskill, NY. The contribution paid for Miles Bank’s tuition at Westchester Community College.

Miles Banks was a healthy star-athlete at Peekskill high school. During his senior year, he suddenly fell ill and learned that he needed a heart transplant after a severe case of pneumonia had caused his heart to become enlarged.

Miles' strength and perseverance is admirable to say the least. He began his first semester in the Fall of that same year at Westchester Community College to pursue a Criminal Justice Degree.

Unfortunately, Miles fell ill again and became hospitalized shortly after his first semester began. As a result, Miles lost all of his grants and scholarships.

Justin’s Wings of Hope Foundation’s contribution helped Miles graduate with an Associates Degree from Westchester Community College. Miles intends on pursuing a Bachelor's Degree next.

Thank you to all of our donors for your support throughout the years. We wish Miles the best on his next chapter!


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