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Justin’s Wings of Hope Endowed Scholarship

Justin's Wings of Hope Foundation, Iona College, and Alicia Samela are proud to announce the establishment of the Wings of Hope Endowed Scholarship in memory of Justin Samela Miceli.

Justin was a sophomore at Iona College at the time of the fatal car accident in 2007. The Wings of Hope Foundation seeks to keep his memory alive and will highlight Justin's outstanding attributes through this scholarship.

"Justin, a life-long resident of New Rochelle, NY, was an extraordinary individual who was passionate about life and the people around him. His presence touched the lives of everyone he met and his love for his family and friends exemplified the kindhearted person he was. Justin was not only an outstanding student, but he was also a devout member of Holy Name parish, a dedicated Eagle Scout, and a proud member of the Boy Scouts of America. He always worked towards “making a difference” and his values are reflected in the scholarship that will benefit one who exhibits the values of friendship, strength, compassion and inspiration that Justin brought to others." - The Talk of The Sound, 2011

Alicia Samela, Justin's Wings of Hope Foundation founder spoke to Talk of the Sound to share her mission for the endowment.

“I just wanted to do something in my son’s memory and name to keep his memory alive and to have him not forgotten. He had a wonderful experience his first year at Iona College so why not give back to another individual; someone who believed in what he did and lived life to the fullest. That is what Justin was all about. To think someone can have an opportunity to attend Iona College in Justin’s name is an amazing accomplishment. This is what he would want,” said his mother, Alicia Samela, who is the founder of the Endowed Scholarship."- The Talk of The Sound, 2011

The Wings of Hope Foundation Endowed Scholarship was established this Spring with an initial donation of $20,000.

Thank you to all of our donors for your continued support.

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